Do Handheld Milk Frothers work?

I picked up some replacement latte bowls and while I was at it, a frother from Zyliss.  My espresso maker doesn’t have a milk frother and I do have one on my coffee pot (an old DeLonghi I just love) but I don’t love cleaning out the compartment and soaking it after making hot milk.

This device is pretty cheap and it’s compact (fits in the utensil drawer.) I heated up some milk in a ceramic pitcher and went to work. In a few minutes, I had frothy milk, though not stiff foam because I didn’t have low fat milk (I used 2% which is normally not what I buy but it’s what they had in Lactaid at the store.) Low fat milk foams better because the fat doesn’t act to break up the surface tension on the bubbles.

My conclusion: for ten bucks, it’s a slam-dunk–with biscotti if you got’em.

Photo of the milk-froth on coffee zyliss-foam.jpg

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