Moving Day!

Due to changes to Amazon’s review site, I’m moving any important reviews to my own WordPress page. If you like following my reviews, welcome and sit down, grab a coffee or tea and see what’s happening.

About me: I’ve been a top reviewer at Amazon for over 15 years and I’m their “#1 Hall of Fame Reviewer.” I’ve been interviewed over the years about this (dubious?) distinction, most recently by Popular Science online Read it HERE. 

In real life, I work as a financial advisor and I also love the arts and on weekends and evenings, I’m playing classical guitar or painting or writing. Or visiting with friends who enjoy similar pursuits. I do read a lot, so discussing books is always front and center.

The most recent books I’ve read? Stay tuned here and I’ll put up the current reads and how I view them.  I also review music CDs.

I also might post my progress playing classical guitar. I’ve studied for a little over a year with Matthew Lavanish in Wilmington, DE. This is a recording of a waltz by Spanish composer Bartolome Calatayud.


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